Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The Woman in Black Review Essay -- Drama

The Woman in Black ReviewUpon the arrival in London my anticipation was high. My firstimpression of the Fortune Theatre was it was a very old Victorianbuilding, very small and slightly ragged. Upon entryway it felt verycramped and made you feel claustrophobic. The atmosphere was eerie dueto the old style of the building. This was particularly effective asthe dissolution was rear in the Victorian period. This made you feel as if youwere in the past. besides the narrow staircase and small seating areacreated effect. in the beginning the play starts in that location is no background musicplayed to set a scene or image in the consultations mind. The play startswithout specimen and lights go down and we are straight into the story.The play is set in a theatre and the audience see the actorsrehearsing a manuscript to an void crowd. At first the older actorwas reading his story as if he was an appalling actor. This techniqueuse was effective and gave near suspect relief at the st art of theplay. He mumbled his words without emotion which was in total contrastto the younger actor. The younger actor was very sound andpronounced his words properly, both characters spoke with poshaccents. By doing this it lulled the audience in to an al to the highest degree falsesense of security. Fans blew into the theatre to make the auracold and chilling.Diagram of the StageThe audience were seated in former of the peg. This was so the wholeaudience would all see the play in the same way. Also this wouldensure the woman in black wouldnt be able to be spotted. The set wasopen and most things on the stage were shown. There was a clothes rackwhich was covered, a wickerwork basket which was closed and some metalbuckets. There was a room access which was shut but we did not know to whereit would lead. However during the play we ascertained a whole newdimension to the stage. Behind a gauze there was another part of thestage. If this had been shown some of the creative elemen t would passbeen lost as we wouldnt be surprised to see it. Also the fact theonly time the audience saw the back of the stage was when the actorsthemselves were present there. This would link the audience to theactor and heighten the personal bond.Spotlights were used a lot in this production. It persuaded theaudience to focus on sensation area of the stage. It also gave a creepyeffect, as you c... ... something bad to happen. aft(prenominal) theloud, unexpected sounds there were many long pauses, which added tothe sinister atmosphere. In my sound judgment this was the most effective useof sound.By the end of the play there was still a disturbing ambience as Iwalked away. I had thoroughly enjoyed the play and was suitablyscared. Any more and I may not have been able to sleep. I took awaymany aspects of acting, which could be useful in the future. The useof silence and torches in the darkness were some of my favourites. Theplay was enjoyable and funny but also terrorizing. One of the mostamusing parts was the dog spider scene. This was hard to act as theywere pretending there was a dog but it was done with the achievement ease.It was funny how the older man kicked the dog assureing it does what Isay. If I was a critic for a magazine my short caption would readThe Woman in Black is a play with a distressing plot, of ghastlyghostly terror. Set in the Victorian multiplication it sends a feeling ofemptiness and solitude through you, nevertheless an pellucid firstchoice for taking the young ones to see, to appreciate and learn fromthe faultless actors and use of stage crew

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