Monday, February 4, 2019

The Night of the Scorpion and Vultures Poem Comparison Essay -- essay

Both poems manage to conjure up powerful pictures and emotions in the readers mind. some descriptions can be quite vivid and sinister, then suddenly the poet pull up stakes lead the reader on an entirely different path ever-changing their perception of the poem altogether. Leaving them wondering, ?How will the poems develop??, thus rendition both poems rather impulsive and unpredictable.Night of the Scorpion and Vultures, both have an abrupt adjustment of scene, somewhere in the middle. For example, in The Night of the Scorpion you burst out off disembodied spirit strangely caring and sorry for the scorpion. Whereas, it turns out that the scorpion really isn?t that profane when it fights back. Making you completely change your mind. The same feelings occur with the Vultures poem, at the start we feel that the vultures represent something dark and sinister and then they turn into ii loving birds, and aswell with the commandant, who kills people for a living, yet clearly loves his children who he goes root to each night. It really shows how different people/animals can behave in different circumstances.In Vultures the charnel house seems quite laid back, perceive as the poet doesn?t burst with emotion at the horrors of the engineer. In concomitant he altogether seems to give the impression he?s non all that bothered. It?s like he?s stepped back from his receive views and opinions, so as to just put the relevant facts into the poem. What?s surprising, if a little weird, is the modality two people seem to be in love actually in the charnel house itself. Even though, that place would usually cause images of death and violence to enter your mind. The stanza itself begins with the word strange point alone on a line. Catching your attention from the very source making you t... ...ilderness.Finally, I think that the ending of Vultures has two very wriggle sides to it. The whole tone of the poem and the use of imagery are shun and depressing, yet th e diabolical creatures can still have love amid them. The same with the commandant, in stopping to buy sweets for his child, shows his care for his child no matter what atrocities he has had to accomplish throughout his day. In one way I think the poets believe there are some horrors that cannot be overcome in the world, but then again, these people making such(prenominal) acts of atrocity can share love and care amongst themselves. These contrive to rack up an overall impression, one that?s negative with an unexpected positive twist. The pith of Night of the Scorpion seems much simpler, it is one of love and loyalty. It also ends on a very positive note, which seems less thought provoking and vivid.

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