Thursday, February 28, 2019

The Negative Effects of the Internet

I wholly disagree with the nonion that When you give everyone a voice and everyone major federal agency, the system usually ends up in a genuinely good carry. This idea is non only naive and inadvisable but simply untrue. Cyber determent , cyber stalking and cyber paedophilia argon threats that ingest sprung up in recent twelvemonths in tandem with the modernistic phenomenon that is social media where everybodys voice and opinion back incline be perceive (well, read ) no matter how inappropriate illegal or damage it may be to another(prenominal) soulfulness or notwithstanding a group of spate.Along with these cyber s charge per unit base problems, content shared or stick on online can often step over the threshold of the meshing and pertain someones day to day life. However, seldom the voice and spring given by the internet and social media is responsible for awareness campaigns such(prenominal) as Kony 2012. Unfortunately the harsh and brutal reality is, when p eople can hide behind ready reckoner screens, even gain anonymity if they wish, the darker side of a somebody quite often shines through and the system does not end up in a really good place.Cyber bulling, the scourge of my generation and cosmosy generations to come is vicious, devastating and unapolo learnic. Before the years of social media and even widespread mobile phone ownership, lets say pre 2000 bullying would generally take place in inculcate corridors, maybe within clubs or organisations and within the workplace. Even though bullying was and always will be a traumatic experience, in those old age it was escapable, a victim of bullying could go home, or to a friends firm or anywhere really discover side where they were being bullied and be free of it.With the advent of social networking and text contentednesss the torment of bullying has been make inescapable. Poisonously worded text messages, tormenting wall posts and mocking comments being fired at a person night a nd day by a coward secrecy behind a computer screen is taking bullying to a whole new extreme. In my opinion cyber bullying is far to a greater extent detrimental, vicious and calculated then(prenominal) ordinary bullying , because of the power a person can feel hiding behind a computer screen punching out letters, words ,sentences at a rapid pace not even facing the person the toxic words are aimed at. Internet famous former site model and myspace girl Leda Muir admitted she has been a victim of hurtful ,offensive and threatening messages on the internet and in the ancient was also guilty of direct them to other people. She describes the instant mission sending offensive messages gave her, and how she simply forgot about it minutes later. When she talks about receiving comments and messages connatural to the ones she herself once sent, it is an entirely different experience.She describes how each derogatory comment and message she received stayed with her for weeks, and how it made her feel belittled, humiliated and depressed even when she didnt know any of the bullies personally. These bullies probably felt a similar rush to the one Leda described ,which probably comes from feeling drunk on power after all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In the year two thousand and twelve cyber stalking was more common then physical harassment.While in certain aspects it is similar to cyber bullying it is more disturbing, it is based on a twisted obsession with usually a iodin person with a determined and perverse want to control that person in some aspect. Unlike cyber bullies, cyber stalkers are not chasing an instant power high they desire something much darker. The aim of a cyber stalker is to get their victim to yield to them in one way or another and may involve other people in this plan.Social media enables these individuals to obtain instruction such as where you live, work and even who your family members are which in move around gi ves them the power to make threats to you online using this information. As extreme as it sounds anyone could be cyber stalked, even as it turns out, Mark Zuckerburg himself who probably has the most heavily defend profile on facebook.His stalker Pradeep Manukonda attempted to contact both Zuckerburg and his sister Randi requesting money. When the police told him to cease contacting Zuckerburg , he ignored them and continued to send the facebook chief operating officer e-mails, hand written letters(in one of which he describes the power to communicate) and flowers. He even went to the extent of travelling to face books main offices and even Mark Zuckerburgs house.This was evidently a traumatic experience for Zuckerburg has he took out a restraining order against his stalker , this is a prime showcase of when everyone is given power buy information obtained on the internet, things do not end in a good place. Finally the most stinking and disturbing threat on the internet, cyber p aedophilia. 99% of children between the ages of twelve and xvii have access to the internet and this is something cyber predators are well aware of.Using huckster rooms, web cam and an array of social networks paedophiles have the power to seek out potential victims. For example in two thousand and three , a man posted a message in a schmoose room requesting sexual favours in exchange for money, out of curiosity a pair of fourteen year old girls responded to this message and they were both violated. The man also texted the victims in order to intimidate and threaten them. This clearly illustrates how somebody can ill-treat the voice and power given to them by lucre to horrific effect.When everyone is given a voice, and given power it is up to the person themselves how they use that power. Some my raise awareness, some my rise to fabled internet fame and some may just spend twenty minutes look for their news feed. However the idea of the whole system ending up in a good place i s one of fantasy, some people can turn into power hungry monsters online while others may abuse their voice and power for disturbing reasons. When you give every one a voice and everyone power, the system wont end up in a really good place.

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