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The Effect of Money on Frequency of Divorce Essay -- Marriage Divorce

Missing FiguresINTRODUCTIONDespite the fact that divorce is discussed in almost any sociology or anthropology book, no unified explanations for family instability atomic number 18 available. Levinson and Malone (1980 69) state that anthropologists have offered little in the way of trustworthy, universal explanations for divorce. The differences in cultures, traditions, and practices among societies make it almost impossible to offer general explanations for family instability. The widely held ruling is that when a significant amount of money or property is interchanged, the trades union is more stable. This belief is supported by Minturn et al. (1969 308) findings that absence of bride price, dowry, and gift exchange at hymeneals make divorce easier. The purpose of this paper is to analyse how the presence or absence of a conjugal union transaction and how marriage payments such as bride wealth and dowry affect the oftenness of divorce. explanation of MarriageI began my stud y by looking for a explanation of marriage. For I believe how people in these societies view marriage may give me an explanation on why divorce is practiced. Stephens (1963 5) defined marriage as follows . . .is a socially legitimate union, begun with a public promulgation and undertaken with rough idea of permanence it is assumed with a more or less explicit marriage contract, which spells out reciprocal rights and obligations between spouses, and between the spouses and their future children. Similar to Stephens definition, many experts defined marriage as some sort of a permanent relationship between two people. Then, why do societies permit divorce? It can be argued that divorce serves as a way for individuals to get out of abusive and/or wretched marriag... ...r cope with the in-laws and giving the couple more time to spend together to allow more communication. As a result, a dowry or an indirect dowry is quite effective in reducing the frequency of divorce. BIBLIOGRAPH YCooper, Barbara M. Womens Worth and Wedding Gift Exchange in Maradi, Niger, 1907-89. journal of African History V36, N1 (Jan, 1995) 121-141.Levinson, David and Martin J. Malone. 1980. Toward Explaining Human Culture A Critical reappraisal of the Findings of Worldwide cross-cultural Research.Minturn, Leigh, Martin Grosse and Santoah Haider. 1969. Cultural Patterning of Sexual Beliefs and Behavior. Ethnology 8301-318.Stephens, William N. 1963. The Family in Cross-cultural Perspective. New York Holt, Rinehart and Winston.Tambiah, Stanley J. Bride Wealth and Dowry Revisited. Current Anthropology V30, N4 (Aug-Oct, 1989) 413-435.

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