Sunday, February 24, 2019

Language Autobiography Essay

Being a girl of a mixed heathenish background, you can imagine the diversity of language apply across my family. The emphasiss and accents bind a wide variety as my family be spread alone across the globe. My go carol is British born and bred in the Essex verdant side. Whereas my father ahmed is, half Lebanese and half Palestinian. My mums eldest language is position and she speaks in standard side of meat, this could be because of her profession as a nurse has an influence on her speech and it wouldnt be professional of her to constantly use conversational language. My fathers initial language is Arabic, the Palestinian dialect Arabic.There are so many dialects of Arabic sometimes it seems like its a completely diametrical language He can alike speak French as fluid as he can Arabic because French is also a main language in Lebanon. he is also legato in incline, but he has an Arab accent. My father lives in Lebanon so his dialect of Arabic has changed to the Lebanes e dialect because of his surroundings but he understood has a twang of the Palestinian dialect. The main languages in my family are English and Arabic, but thither are so many dialects, such as Egyptian, Jordanian, Emirati, Lebanese, Moroccan, Saudi Arabian, Syrian Arabic and Essex accents, Dorset accent, Scottish accent, American accent, Australian accent. This is exactly the start of the variety of language in my familySo youre believably thinking, what is my first language? Well, I was born in the United Arab Emirates in the Emirate of Dubai. Yes, I think it too why did I immigrate to glad England? Growing up in Dubai my first language was English because my m opposites Arabic was rattling basic however I was fluent in Arabic and could also speak some Tagalog as I was brought up with a Pilipino nanny, Lily. I immigrated to England when I was about 4 or 5 years old, I was constantly speaking English. I recommend some of my mums friends telling me I had a unconvincing Americ an accent. But my accent quickly changed because of influences around me in school. My name is Said, but its pronounced Syed and I remember reading the trailer and Chip books in my first school and saying and Chip Syed this. My teacher found it highly amusingEver since I moved to England, everyplace the years I slowly forgot how to speak Arabic as I got out of the habit of speaking in Arabic often. Now I whole know greetings and little phrases in Arabic. Trying to learn Arabic again was extremely difficult because Im so used to the rules in the English language such as the Ough sound. Being so used to certain rules re every(prenominal)y affects trying to learn a overbold language, especially Arabic. Learning Arabic was very incompatible to English and the Arabic alphabet has more letters than the English alphabet, which include sounds as vigorous as letters. Also not every word in Arabic can be translated perfectly into English, and there is no word in the English language fo r it. Sometimes its hard to get a near enough definition of the word without meaning something else.Also in Arabic they can have one word which in the English language translates to a group of row or a sentence. From my experiencing of study Arabic again I have noticed that the language is very cultural and influence by religion, for example a lot of words or phrases refer to god (Allah). However not just Muslims and ghostly the great unwashed use these words, these words are used by all Arabic speakers. In the Spanish language I realized a difference in tenses. In English there are only three tenses, present, past and the future. Whereas in the Spanish language there are many more. This takes its complicated and more difficult to learn as realistically there is only 3 tenses, and its hard to picture other tenses.I would describe my accent as a southern English accent. My cousins who live in Essex say that I have a brightonian accent, is there such thing? According to my cousins , people from Brighton raise their tone at the end of every sentence like they are constantly intercommunicate questions. I cant notice myself doing it or other people doing it around me. The way I rebuke changes depending on the context. For example, when Im with my friends I use a large amount of colloquial language.Whereas when Im with my mum or teachers I would not use this language, I would talk in a more Standard English way. Having a lot of friends from an ethnic community, Ive learnt a lot of slang and colloquial words. Even though these friends are from an Arabic background, I would never talk to my family in the Middle East in this way. I think I change the way I speak to different people, depending on who it is to make a good impression and to make my language appropriate to the situation. The different use of language always comes back to the context its used in.

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