Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Comparing poems Essay

Salome turns aside to be an evil and very(prenominal) h bebrained character she gets pleasure by beheading people. In this poem it turns out that Salome has removed few other heads previously and she would doubtlessly do it again. She does not yet know whos head it is that is next to her, but it regardms like that she does not care at on the whole. This makes her sound like a whore. As the maidservant walks in this makes her feel more comfortable and part for nigh reason. Hitcher The man makems really stressed and tired, and when he receives the phone resound from his boss that is his final straw.He seems very jealous of the hitcher this is because he is compliwork forcetary of stress and is a free spirit. He seems very frustrated. The reality He Killed This poem is very interesting. It turns out that they dont want to consume for each one other but because they are at war with each others country. One of them says youd treat if met where whatever kick downstairs is or help to half-a-crown. He is saying if I met you in any other circumstances I would take you to a bar and buy you a pint. My Last Duchess She is very very jealous, in fact she is so jealous that she wants to poison he and watch he die very slowly.She makes the poison sound like something that is rich and luxurious. Salome There is some beginning rhyme on by-line 18-19 where the sound of maids clanging makes Salome happy. passim the poem the tone of it makes the poem sound like a teen girl who is spoiled and self-indulgent. In this poem there are sooner a few clichi s e. g. and aint life a bitch. Hitcher In this poem the first stanza has some typical rhymes which controls the poem together tired, exculpated, hired. ordure you see the effect of this? He is tired and then his boss threatens to fire him then he hires a Vauxhall Astra.A mess hall of clichi s are used in this poems here are some examples The truth he said was blowin in the wind, or around the next bend. hed sa id he liked the breeze to run its fingers/ finished his hair. The Man He Killed There are colloquialisms such as off-hand like which provide an earthy realism along with the unskilful sounding meter. The Laboratory This poem uses consolation irony. It also uses some beginning rhyme here is an example Grind away, moisten and mash up thy scatter and here is another example Brand, burn up, bite into its grace-.It also has some ambiguity in it here is an example If it attenuates her, beside, can it ever hurt me? . Salome The first verse describes how she is trying to figure out whose head is on the pillow next to here. The second verse describes how she started to feel less katzenjammer when the maid rough in her breakfast. The third verse discusses how she is trying to resolve the life of the booze and the fags and the sex. Then she decides to turf out the confrere from her bed. HitcherThis poem has five stanzas and a regular five line shape with the third line being the longes t in all of them. If you look at each third line you will see some sort of a pattern occurring. The shape of the stanza is very interesting. The Man He Killed This poem has a simple but formal expression of five short stanzas all rhyming ABAB. The last tow stanzas move the men that they could be friends if they met in any other situation. Stanzas both and three set out the qualifying circumstances that change everything for the mens fate they are soldiers in opposing armies and therefore enemies.The lab The title in this poem gives us a big cue on where the scene takes place. The speaker is a woman she takes a lot of pleasure watching the procedure. In the second verse we cab see why the woman wanted revenge, she wanted revenge because the speaker has been betrayed by her lover. In verse three she watches the apothecary at work and is hypnotised by what he is doing. She is in no hurry. She takes pleasure in the preparation. This is rectify than dancing in the kings palace.

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