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Asperger’s Syndrome Research Paper Essay

Approximately 947,570 Ameri enkindles check Aspergers Syndrome (AS), however, it is non an simplified disorder to explain (Bashe 19). With multiple conditions and characteristics in each case, AS is non an easy disorder to diagnose. Aspergers Syndrome was named after Hans Asperger, an Austrian physician, who runner exposit the disorder in 1944 after studying a conclave of children with similar, unusual characteristics. However, AS was not made an official sickness until 1994. Consequently, Asperger disease is secure now becoming published and popular so in that respect is still research and questions being answered. Aspergers Syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder, is noted by above-average keen dexteritys still severely impaired complaisant skills with instant patterns and interest. There ar several different disorders that atomic number 18 related to Aspergers. These include other autism spectrum disorders such(prenominal) as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disord er, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, bipolar Syndrome and others (Bashe 68). Since Aspergers is a recent disorder, the cause of AS is not clear. Scientists are still investigating why Aspergers occurs.Nevertheless, few theories be throw away surfaced. whatsoever believe brain ab recipeities or a hereditary component go forth in AS. The cause could also be factors that include brain development. Nevertheless, scientists collect eliminated child immunizations, insufficiency of intelligence, or bad parenting as the cause for Aspergers. (Weiss) AS is also not due to emotional deprivation or other psychogenic factors that originate from a individuals thinking. A workable reason for an unidentifiable cause is the symptoms for Aspergers Syndrome are around un particular(a). Further much, with AS one can exhibit few or multiple symptoms. Still, the magnetic magnetic core symptoms of Aspergers Syndrome are low communication skills, obsessive or repetit ive behavior, and physical clumsiness (Weiss). With communication skills, vocabulary and syntax is in normal range for pack with AS, a formal style of speaking is homely. For example, they aptitude say beckon instead of call(a)(a).The symptoms of Aspergers that are most noticeable are the ones that are displayed by loving awkwardness and their inability to extract up on fond cues. Thus, throng with AS a great deal run in one-sided conversations with a monotonous voice, give very comminuted information, and believe the point of a conversation is to exchange information that is it. It is toughened for them to communicate and explain their thoughts and ideas through speech. Additionally, AS individuals take a erratum interpretation of everything and display awkward nonverbal gestures such as leave out of eye contact, inappropriate starring, signs of boredom, short circumspection span and odd seventh cranial nerve expressions. Those with Aspergers would struggle with re ading others and understanding nonverbal communication. A mortal with Aspergers lacks the Theory of Mind.The Theory of Mind is the ability to reconginze and understand thoughts, desires and intentions of others. Basically, it is nearly impotential for a person with Aspergers to have empathy for others and can be extremely insensitive. They have a distinct sense of humor and have difficulties expressing their emotions. Because AS causes them to perceive the world differently, their rudeness is not intentional. The symptoms and characteristics of pack with AS vary, resulting in a remarkably challenging diagnosis of the disease. No dickens cases of Aspergers syndrome are identical. from each one case presents its own characteristics and challenges, for Aspergers syndrome does not describe a single behavior scarcely a item combination that are present to a certain extent. (Bashe 75)Of course, it would be easy to attribute the strange behavior and lack of well-disposed interest to undecomposed being different. The diagnosis is usually done after age triplet and amongst ages five and nine.A boy is collar to four quantify more probably to be diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome than a girl. (Nemours). The actual name is a lengthy process, beginning with a thorough psycho mixer evaluation. Then the doctors do a history and ask when the parents first began noticing symptoms such as limited social interactions, special interest and lack of eye contact. The doctors pull up stakes hang at the development of force back and language skills and compare them with the average skill level for the particular age of the patient. Following this, the doctors will ask more or less any favorite activities, if at that place are any unusual habits or preoccupations. Next, the doctors will look at the social development and any social interactions and friendship development. Then a test for communication skills is given. After ascertaining all this information, they comp ile all the findings and see if the patient meets the criteria for Aspergers Syndrome.Besides the poor communication skills and resulting in awkward social behavior of Aspergers Syndrome, in that location are also the physical aspects. People with Aspergers Syndrome have a heightened sensitivity to loud noises, lights, or even certain colors. For example, they whitethorn not be able to wear certain kinds of materials because the fabric will chafe the skin. Often, they have strong taste buds and are sensitive to different textures. Additionally, they may have a rigid walk or an odd posture. Likewise, motor coordination is usually lacking make simple tasks such as hand report, go-ahead a jar, or catching a ball a struggle. The lack of motor skills makes it difficult to play team sports. Conversely, they may excel in sports requiring precision and practice such as golf, swimming or tennis. level(p) though poor communication skills and physical aspects may be evident because of AS, the most distinguishable symptom is the arrested development of one particular subject.The obsession will consume any free time and dominate conversations of those with AS, making them experts on their particular subjects. about examples of proper(postnominal) infatuation include baseball statistics, snakes, stars, etc. As people with Aspergers age, the offspring usually becomes odder and more specific. The negative consequences of having an intense interest or so a specific topic are that this interest could be dangerous, illegal or possibly misinterpreted. However, possible benefits to this is the subject often provides a source of entertainment and enjoyment.In addition, at that place are also several functions to the special interest. It may overcome misgiving and function cope with fears. For example if the Aspergers child is afraid of witches he or she may immerse himself or herself in that topic to elate about it and overcome the fear. Consequently, witches become t heir special interest. (Healthwise) In some cases the specific knowledge may even provide employment and an income. For example if person with AS has an interest in technology, may be able to have a job as a computer technician. (A common study for those who have Aspergers is engineering.) Topics may change occasionally but with all cases of AS the subject is studied with an intense passion.Alongside the core symptoms of the disorder, there are also distinct characteristics shared by people with Aspergers. Children and adults that have Aspergers have a different way of thinking, not ineluctably defective. People with Aspergers have a strong desire to try on knowledge, truth, and perfection. With a fear of failure, people with AS have a laughable learning style. They refuse to try anything if the end result is not short perfect and meet their standards. People with this disorder depend on scrap and consistency and strongly dislike their routine changed. They have single-minded function and a creative way of thinking and feel at the world. This is a positive because it can produce an original perspective and resolution.Nonetheless, they have troubles distinguishing between what is relevant and redundant, usually focusing on detail instead of looking at the big impression. Furthermore, they may be able to solve mazy math problems but are unable to explain the process they utilize to solve the problem. People with AS are un implicated in avocation the social norm. They may also have trouble with time trouble and organization. Those with the disease would rather explore the physical world such as objects, machines, animals and scientific concepts versus social events, friendships and relationships. Consequently, they prefer solving a problem than substantial the emotional needs of others.Their concept of friendship is immature and at to the lowest degree two years behind their peers. If they have any friendships, they are often unusual, such as with much younger children or older adults (Atwood). A problem with forming relationships is that they may become too trusting which can hunt down to bullying and teasing, especially during their early years in life. One scotch part of Asperger is that the people with the disorder usually want to make friends but it is incredibly difficult with their condition and behaviors. Dealing with these struggles can cause chronic frustration leading to other conditions such as depression. Therefore, they more than likely have a secondary mood disorder such as anxiety, sadness or anger.Unfortunately, no overall cure exists for Aspergers Syndrome. However, symptoms can be treated. Having an early intervention and the right program is essential. No typic treatment is followed, for treatments depend on the strengths and weaknesses of each particular case (Nemours). Each treatment plan must address key issues health, wellness, sensory issues, touch on problems, visualizing, concepts, fine and gro ss motor skills,speech, language, behavioral and social issues. Acquiring new-made skills and monitoring the nutrition and medication may change some functions, but if neurodevelopment foundations are not established, then the results will be limited (Doman). Since the core problem of Aspergers is social, the main treatment is working on social thinking skills and social settings.Individuals with AS must learn to think social before they will be able to act social. The key social thinking skills that must be practiced are perspective, flexibility, curiosity, self-esteem, big picture thinking and communication (Notbohm). Another social treatment is called Social Stories, where they will learn relevant social cues, thoughts, feeling and behavioral scripts by writing social stories. This treatment can benefit more than just those with Aspergers but also the family and friends, for social stories will help others understand people with Aspergers are socially confused, anxious, aggressi ve or defiant. People with Aspergers also may benefit from language therapy and psychotherapy. Similarly, younger kids may do sensory integration training, where the stimuli in which they are overly sensitive about is desensitized. In older kids, treatment may include behavioral and cognitive therapy. Besides therapies, a person with Aspergers may have a specialized diet to help with the disorder.Dietary supplements can even help certain symptoms. For example, vitamin B6 helps with brain development. Other vitamins that are recommended include magnesium, vitamin C, and omega three fatty acids. Other studies have found the avoiding certain foods and taking the ductless gland secretin has improved symptoms. Treatments to AS may also include prescription medicines. Some medications that can help with the symptoms may include Abilify, Intiniv, SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), Resperdal, Zyprexa, and Revia (Mayo Clinic Staff). ofttimes of the time, treatment for Asperge rs Syndrome is not just medication or just therapy but a combination of the two to fit the individual. To treat Aspergers effectively, though, there must be proper education, support and resources.Although Aspergers Syndrome is not considered the most severe autistic disorder, it still presents challenges and troubles for the people with the disorder. Often described as oddballs or loners, people with Aspergers have distinct qualities and characteristics. season there are many negative aspects of having Aspergers Syndrome, there are a few positive notes. People with Aspergers can be very loyal and caring friends. They say exactly what is on their minds with no filter.Those with Aspergers tend to be more accepting and like people for who they are, and are easily content with what they have and are not interested in buying the latest fad. Their rules and honesty lead them to excel in the classroom and as a citizen. With treatment, people with Aspergers begin to wear out understand t heir disorder and are able to learn and adapt to social cues. Many people with Aspergers get married and have children. Their attention to detail and focused interest leads them to a career. Aspergers Syndrome is a lifelong condition that tends to stabilize and improve with treatment. Although no cure exists treatment helps people with Aspergers live normal and healthy lives.

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