Tuesday, December 25, 2018

'Noli Me Tangere Essay\r'

'During the gloomy overwinter of Berlin\r\n-Rizal was famished, sick, and despondent.\r\n-Notwithstanding his empty stomach, his painful coughing, and his despairing spirit, he continued writing his offshoot figment. -He entire the novel on February 21, 1887\r\nIt was the Noli Me Tangere. His first novel.\r\n* topic of Writing A Novel on Philippines*\r\n†His reading Harriet Beecher Stowe’s uncle Tom’s Cabin. which portrays the brutalities of American slave-owners and the pathetic conditions of the unfortunate negro, slaves, inspired Dr. Rizal to prepare a novel on the Philippines. -He was then a student in the telephone exchange University of Madrid.\r\n-In a reunion of Filipinos in the house of the paternos in Madrid on January 2, 1884. -Among whom were the paternos (Pedro, Maximino, and Antonio), Graciano Lopez Jaena, Evaristo Aguirre, Eduardo do de lete, Julio Llorante, and Valentin Ventura.\r\n*The Writing of the ”Noli.”*\r\n-Toward the 1884, R izal began writing the novel in Madrid and finished nigh one â€haft of it. -He went to Paris in 1885, after completing his studies in the Universidad Central de Madrid. -He wrote the last fourth of the novel in Germany.\r\n-During the dark days of December, 1886.\r\n-He wrote to his friend, Fernando Canon; â€Å"I did not believe that the Noli Me Tangere would ever be published when I was in Berlin, heart-broken weakened, and demoralized from hunger and deprivation. -In mid-December, a telegram Barcelona arrived.\r\n-It was move by Dr.Maximo genus Viola.\r\n*The Man who Saved the â€Å"Noli.”*\r\n-The first edition of the Noli was printed in Berlin in 1887. -The appeal of\r\nprinting was 300 pesos (advance by Vioa) for 2,000 copies. †A dedicatory autograph as follows: â€Å"To my dear Friend, Maximo Viola , the first to read and appreciate my re be †Jose Rizal, March 29, 1887, Berlin.”\r\n-This Date- March 29, 1887, is a epoch-making date for it was when the Noli Me Tangere came off the press.\r\n*The Title of the Novel.*\r\n-The gentle Noli Me Tangere, isa a latin phrase which intend â€Å"Touch me Not.” -Rizal, writing to Felix R. Hidalgo in cut in March 1887. -It should be the gospel singing of st. John (chapter 20, Verses 13 to 17).\r\n*The author’s Dedication.*\r\n-Rizal dedicated the Noli Me Tangere to the Philippines †â€Å"To My Country.”\r\n*Synopsis of the â€Å"Noli”*\r\n-The Novel Noli Me Tangere contains 63 chapters and an epilogue.\r\n-It Begins with a reception given by Capitan Tiago (Santiago de los Santos)\r\n-at his house in Calle Analoague ( now Juan Luna Street) on the last day of October.\r\n-This Reception or dinner was given in sinlessness of Crisostomo Ibarra.\r\n-Among the guests during the reception were Padre Damaso, a Franciscan friar who had been parish priest of San Diego (Calamba).\r\n-Padre Sibyla, a raw Dominican parish Priest of binondo.\r\n-Senior Guevara , an elderly and pleasant lieutenant of the Guardian Civi.\r\n- bust Tiburcio de Espadania, a fake spanish Physician , lame, and henpecked conserve of Donia Victorina; and several ladies.\r\n-During the dinner the conversation on Ibarra’s studies and travels abroad.\r\n-Padre damaso was in bad irritation because he got a bony come and hard wing of the chicken tinola.\r\n-Ibarra left(a) capitan tiago’s house to return to his hotel.\r\n-Don Rafael’s father was a rich and cheery man.\r\n-He visited Maria Clara, his childhood sweetheart.\r\n-Ibarra was angered by the grave-digger’s story.\r\n-Ibarra’s left the memorial park . on the way, he met padre salvi, Franciscan\r\nparish priest of san Diego.\r\n-In his town, Ibarra met several interesting spate , such as the wise honest-to-god man Tasio the sage. â€Å"Tasio the Lunatic.”\r\n-Governadoroillo, who catered to wishes of the Spanish parish priest; Don Filipo Lino, teniente mayor and leader.\r\n-Don Melchor, the captain of the cuadrilleros (town Police).\r\n-Capitan tiago, Maria Clara and aunty Isabel who took care of Maria Clara, after come’s death arrive in san diego.\r\n-Ibarra and his friends gave a picnic in the lake.\r\n-Among those present in the picnic, were Maria Clara and her four missy friends, â€Å"the merry sinang, the grave Victoria, the beautiful Iday, and the paying attention Neneng.”\r\nâ€\r\n'

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