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'Emo Subculture\r'

'The refined Sub elaboration A closelipped white son dressed with long black tomentum, a tight-fitting vintage t- app arl, a gibe of torn black skinny jeans and checkerboard converse sneakers walks on stage, strums his skull- mantleed guitar and sings. Emo is a sub heartyisation that firmly relies on emotion, mostly sadness and depression, and groundworkvass the emotions to an thoroughgoing; emo is short for horny hard centerfield. The people in the emo sub close focus on emotion be arouse they do not want to conform to the laid-back papaular culture.They gestate their emotion finished a ludicrous euphony musical style, fashion, and a melodramatic pose in g overn to distance themselves from the parking ara pop culture. The emo subculture originated from a style of unison that mainly focuses on expressing man’s emotions finished lyrics tumesce-nigh love, anger, and hurt. The music genre conveys wo manpower as inner muses, victimizing the man. patch the music of the pop culture welcomes and encourages wo men sexuality, emo music has made women the origin of emotional pain for men, depicting them as â€Å"heartbreakers. ” The music in any case creates messages approximately emos feeling isolated.For instance, the go for of the album cover for the emo band, silverstein, shows a son with long hair, wearing tight jeans, academic term al angiotensin converting enzyme, and weeping. In their album, Silverstein sings about, love, anger, hurt, and isolation, so the album cover reflects what the music in the album is about. on with love, anger and hurt, emo music excessively sings about violence. Blood, kill, dead, hate, and pain are some habitual lyrics that are used in emo music and are usually directly cerebrate to women. The lyrics suggest that women cause pain for men; however, in the common pop culture, men are the peerlesss who are inflicting pain on women.The emo subculture breaks a dash from this by reversing it. This rebellion is uttered through the emotional music and lyrics of the emo subculture. on with music, the emo subculture expresses their emotion through a unique recessive fashion. The typical emo fashion consists of skinny jeans, tight t-shirts, zip-up hooded jackets, studded belts, converse or skate shoes, black nail polish, center of attention liner on both genders, and the disreput equal emo hairstyle. The typical hairstyle is comprised of long, straightened, black bangs brushed to wiz side of the face covering one or both eyes.In the second image, the male child’s thick black hair is covering both of his eyes completely. The way his hair covers his eyes, shared with the black shirt signifies how he wants to be secluded, and concealed in the dark. He does not want to send off some separatewises and does not want others to see him. While the dress of pop culture is very brand driven, baggier, and represents how the culture is open, the slim fitted costume the emos wear shows how they keep to themselves, focus on themselves, and worry about themselves in piece to remain distant from the mainstream fashion.One shadowernot identify soul as being in a subculture just because of his or her fashion or musical tastes; the positioning of a someone must also be considered. The attitude of the emo subculture can be described as shy, quiet, sensitive, glum, mysterious, self-pitying, and introverted. A typical emo adolescent in proud up school usually sits only in the corner of the class, keeps to himself, and almost unceasingly looks depressed; If he is found with other people, it result usually be with other emos. The subculture has a unique attitude towards intent as well.Emos feel that no one accepts them, so they outcast themselves, and view the manhood around them in a to a greater extent(prenominal) emotional way. For example, if a common teenager was rejected by a convention of people playing basketball because thither was alre ady even teams, he would net profit casually accept it, and go on with his day. But, if an emo teenager was rejected, he would he would take it personalisedly by assuming it was because they do not socially accept him. Emos pitch to over exaggerate the emotions that one tycoon usually feel.They express these emotions through the attitude they father towards life and routine experiences in enunciate to break away from the pop culture. The emo subculture uses intense emotion to rebel against the common pop culture by over exaggerating the simple emotions one feels in everyday life, showing how they want to be reclusive by the way they dress, and singing lyrics of toilsome emotion. On the stage, the vocalist cries as he sings lyrics of how the woman he loved has leftover him feeling heartbroken and isolated.\r\nEmo Subculture\r\nThe Emo subculture consists of two trenchant groups. The Emo Subculture The term â€Å"Emo” that is now applied to individuals originated as short hand for â€Å"Emotional music” Traditional Emo Sub-Culture This â€Å"emotional music” draws from a broad locate of contemporary genres conjugated with the common consistent themes of emotionally undimmed views often associated with adolescence. For umpteen youths of the mid-80s this music functioned as a safe-haven for emotional expression.Over fourth dimension a subculture was formed around this mutual time lag and in turn became a safe-haven where youths could freely express themselves while facilitating social interactions and indistinguishability formation for these introspective people. From this sprang the Emo subculture that rejected the mainstream in favor of case-by-case performances. Additionally this culture allowed individuals to express their societal views with like given(p) people, creating the activist stance they are know for today.As the habituality of the Emo movement grew it became much(prenominal) more get-at- subject to the main stream industry. ultramodern Emo Subculture As a resolvent a re-invention of the music and culture was spawned and became the Modern Emo Subculture. While sharing many traits with the tralatitious Emo this new subculture embraced the mainstream direction of the Emo-music. In time the modern Emo would drift go on from its origins and the antecedently extreme individualism and non-conformist observation post was replaced with the beaten(prenominal) features of a Trend.This change in outlook paved the way for the sig nature style Emos are known for today as fans of popular Emo bands began to emulate their idols in both dress and style. The modern day Emo has ironically become heavily specifyd by mainstream media and popular figures Emo Influences The Seven Ps Marketing to Emos The intersection we are straiting is a habiliment ordinate suited to the Emo culture.Product Our growth depart be identify from our competitors in a signifier of ways. Our primary method of differe ntiation exit be through the careful cheek of detail product affiliation to get a line Emo cultural figures and rallying points. We have targeted our prelude in this manner to wreak cost-efficient use of the insular nature of this subculture, fashioning endorsements and sponsorships significantly more effective wherefore those of more conventional consumer bases.The products we offer pull up stakes also be recognised and differentiated by design. Our products leave incorporate patches and countersign with popular political, socio-economic and human interest messages much in the aforesaid(prenominal) way that many other tog lines assist bands and groups. It is our touch that the Emo subculture will respond well to the clothing styles with which they are familiar, coupled with the opportunity to express their tactual sensations and individualism.The price management of the product will be integral to the advantage of this bemuse Price Entering the Market coif We p lan to enter the market in a less traditional manner in order to take gain of The Emos specific traits In the initial stages of our gateway to the market we will be project projects to distribute our products at Indie argument music festivals. In particular targeting specific â€Å"up and coming” independent bands and groups by this we believe we will be able to achieve some portion of the fans devotion to these groups securing customer loyalty while at the like time achieving our primary goal of brand affiliation.In tandem with this approach we will be exchange our products in our own online stores Only after completing our initial placement will our products be offered in retail stores We make this decision with the belief that this approach will generate a sense of exclusivity and fire hydrant at bottom the Emo subculture to appeal to the individual nature of our consumer base We are confident that this can be facilitated through the use of social networking si tes, in which the Emo subculture is highly active.Promotion is one of the cornerstones of our product carrying out plan Promotion In addition to this our clothing range will not be separated into the traditional mens and womens categories. Instead we will offer a single androgynous clothing line to match the style and inevitably of our consumer base. To further facilitate the individuality of the Emo subculture our online stores will allow customers semi-custom design of their purchase through a set selection of pass discourse and logotype locations.Allowing customers to choose which message is displayed on what part of their clothing. E. g. A customer whitethorn choose to display a pro-vegan logo on the left shoulder or the right breast pocket. We shall be projection a number of promotional activities in order to achieve our brand science and product affiliation goals. As mentioned in previous sections it is our primary goal to affiliate our products with popular Emo bands a nd figures, much(prenominal) as avenged Sevenfold and My Chemical Romance, as well as with key concepts and issues essential to the Emo subculture.We can achieve this through advertizement at popular concerts either including the acts directly or through banners and posters Additionally we will be hosting giveaway events at concerts with free t-shirts, jackets and other clothing in order to further promote our brand image within the Emo subculture It is also our intention to host sales stalls at unselfishness events with fond(p) proceeds of these sales being donated to the charity in question.Many charity events are popular within the Emo subculture and this is an eventful opportunity for our batch to further its image of sharing the same fundamental values as our consumer base. Of give we will also be implementing advertisement activities though social media such as Facebook and Blogging sites. The Emo culture has an active presence on these sites and it represents a cos t effective do work of engaging our target market.In our dealings with a characteristically expressive consumer base it is important to ensure enjoyable interactions People By distributing our products through popular Emo retail stores such as we will be ensuring that the mental faculty will be able to consult to the customer This is important within the Emo culture as fashion is treated as a social statement As we will also be selling our products at concerts, music festivals and charity events, it is domineering we employ staff that can envision and relate to the Emo culture.This has the added benefit of requiring less learning for these low level retail positions It is important to make the purchasing process an enjoyable experience Process This is especially line up when dealing with such a closely knit and outspoken community. With such specialist products word of mouth could make or break.In order to achieve this we will be focus on our employees being capable of re verberance with the customer and individual opinion on choices as well as the implementation of our online customisation options Emos are characterised as creative and expressive, it is our belief that these customisation options and the ability to discuss their choices with like disposed(p) individuals will greatly enhance their experience.Depending upon the success of the customisation function we may implement a custom order system for the independent retailers Physical Evidence Cost irrefutable pricing strategy will be used to target instalment with high disposable income Through analysis of the sensible evidence we will be able to determine the suitability of our product range Joey Keifouz Ronald Mills Peter Whitehead The Emo kinsperson Factors which step-up subculture twist Emos and the Macro- environs demographic surroundings •Increasing diversity: the state in Australia s becoming more ethnically diverse, which increases international characterisation through personal relationships. Economic surroundings •Increases in consumer consumption: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) grew by 2. 5% over the previous year, which translates to an increase in total spending of the same amount of money. Natural environment •environmental sustainability: Our product will be developed use environmentally sustainable resources.Technological environment •Manufacturing asylum: technology is constantly increasing manufacturing capabilities and trim production costs •Social media: The approaching of social media has increased advertising exposure for many subcultures including Emo. Political and social environment •Increased ethical and social obligation: product designs are politically influenced and promote messages of state.Factors which decrease subculture influence Emos and the Macro-environment Cultural environment •View of nature: the increasing amount of the population which believes in natural responsibility wil l increase the popularity of our product range. demographic environment •Changing age construction: the average age of the Australian population is slowly increasing. The Emo subculture is traditionally comprised of older teens and teenaged adults. This will decrease the available market. Demographic environment (cont. ) •Geographical population shifts: populations are moving away from capital cities.This not only decreases exposure to Emo subculture, but also decreases advertising effectiveness. Demographic environment (cont. ) • more(prenominal) professional population: The rise of professionalism is possible to reduce the popularity of Emo subculture. Economic environment •Changes in consumer spending patterns: retail sales have decreased for 2012, eg. From June sales have dropped by 0. 8% Natural environment •Environmental disasters: There is always possibilities of natural disasters such as fire and flood which could persecute manufacturing cap abilities.Political and social environment •Changes in economy: increasing legal restrictions may influence our products. Eg, legislation which bans public political statements would cause a sharp decrease in sales. Sales data will be collected from retail and online stores Analysis also reveals success rate of marketing strategies towards Emo segment Online â€Å"secret shopper” to obtain consumer perspective on our product range As a subculture based upon a musical genre the â€Å"non-conformist” Emo may indeed be more heavily influenced then thers Influences upon the Modern day Emo are not limited to that of high profile bands and celebrities In todays guild the Emo is advantageously recognised by their dark fitted clothing, characteristic hairstyles and overall androgynous approach to fashion. out-of-pocket to the interconnection of the subculture Emos receive significant influence from their peers resulting in partial feedback causing core issues to sel f maintain within the society Of this group of peers some Emos have themselves achieved semi-celebrity post as bloggers and rallying points for the Emo subculture\r\n'

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