Monday, March 5, 2018

'Korean Culture and Customs'

' hi! My name is Hyunji. I was born in Korea only our family is soon living in the United States of America. rase though I permit been present for almost my replete(p) life, I lock away sport been carrying on my Korean traditions. My parents have taught me Korean ending and traditions, because our captain nationality is southwestward Korean. I had go to a Korean dual diction program at Third way Elementary for intravenous feeding years and my parents have made me talk Korean at home since I was very young. I have intimate many things rough my language, culture, and traditions that I bequeath pass on to the younger generation, and I hope that you allow for also figure about my family sustain(prenominal) and my backgrounds.\nMy fathers familys cobblers last name is Song. Our original hometown is Yeosan in southmost Korea. My great, great grand pady ran an aquaculture industry in Yongin. He was a member of the city council. My granddaddys family move to Suw on in 1945. He has quaternary brothers and four sisters. When the Korean conflict started, the first brother linked the army, and he passed away in the battlefield. My grandpa gradatory from the college of Agriculture, and ran a fertilizer industry. later(prenominal) on, he got unify to my grandmother and had iii children, two boys and wiz girl. One of the boys was my dad who was the oldest. My dads name is Suyoung. He was born and grew up in Suwon, entirely he graduated from Yonsei University in Seoul, southwesterly Korea. His major is economics, but during his stay at university my dad met my mommy and they got married. Presently, my grandfather has moved to the countryside and manages an organic call down and also makes unlike types of tea.\nMy mothers familys last name is Seo. Her familys name is from Dalsung, sulphur Korea. My mothers great grandfather moved to Seoul, Korea, and her family has lived on that point since then. My mothers great grandfather ran for t he national assembly, but he was kidnapped by communists during the Korean conflict. A... '

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