Wednesday, December 27, 2017

'The Story Behind Bars - Supermax Prisons'

'The Story fag Bars: Supermax Prisons\nshortly at that place argon four types of prisons: minimum- gage, medium-security, maximum-security and supermax. The minimum-security prisons shortly confine around 1/5 of the prison cosmos and it usually chip ins those that atomic number 18 in for unprovocative crimes such as tax outflow and forgery. The medium-security prisons currently hold about ½ of the prison universe of discourse and hold those that have committed crimes such as theft. The maximum-security prisons hold unsafe offenders that are in for sex offenses, kidnapping, murder, and so on These inmates are answer much interminable sentences. Supermax prisons are super-maximum security facilities that house the more than or less violent, the crush of the worst, dangerous and presumable to escape in a adept prison system. In 1934, the USA punitive Alcatraz Island was the 1st so called prototype of the supermax prisons to come.\n\nAlcatraz Island\n amidst the 1970s and 1980s, these supermax facilities move towards using more high-tech applied science because there was a wave of military force that was killing passel of both inmates and guards. The intimately notorious methods use at these supermax facilities are unfrequented(a) proletariat and lockdowns. These methods were used to assert the inmates isolated with the mood of keeping the widely distri entirelyed and prison population safe. Currently the unite States Federal role of Prisons only has ace entire supermax prison known as ADX Florence located in Florence, Colorado and there are 44 states that have prisons with supermax units in them. (Engdahl 2010)\nThis notion of solitary confinement sets supermax prisons apart from other facilities. some prisons use the disciplinal evasive action of solitary confinement at their location but the main tactic of the supermax design is isolation. At the supermax facilities the inmates spend 23 out of 24 hours a day alone in a concrete soundproof cell. These cells are normally no bigger than one hundred square feet. many of these cells have no...'

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