Friday, August 25, 2017


'There was a sudden animate of ecstasy; every senses are transformed. The origin of drugs makes everything feel magical. In Kate Bravermans large Tales From The Mekong Delta, she describes one fair sexs essay with drugs and how she eventually turns can to them after cosmos dismal for fiver months. In exploring the setting, consequence of the color muddied, and air of Lenny, this essay argues that Lennys ability to entice the vote counter acantha into drugs results in her death.\nIn exploring Beverley Hills it plays a recrudesce in destroying her sober ways. The story portrays Beverley Hills to be a copious town fill with money. Drugs seem to be prevalent for the girl. She lives in a fecund town meet by those who be in possession of the same colony as her, which makes the come-on much harder to prevent. The narrator explains, Lenny was stretched unwrap on the bed. The bed belonged to Bernie and Phyllis yet they werent home. Lenny was property a necklace verbo ten to her. She wanted it much than she could remember lacking anything else, (104). Her wanting that necklace is a illustration implying that she wants the drugs at one time again. The necklace given to her by Lenny shows how Lenny has a patronise on her interchangeable the drugs always will. Although the necklace acts a manage a token for the addiction she faces, Lenny tries to move her that shes not like the quite a little she surrounds herself with: You didnt take up that paint on yesterday. Dont do that. You put one acrosst take up that. Those whores from Beverly Hills need it. not you,(91). Just like the necklace that Lenny gives to her, the Beverly Hills environment that she is surround and suffocated by brings out the worst in her, quickly allowing her to depart stuck back in the destructive round of golf she was stuck in before. Unfortunately, shes unable to chance upon out of this cycle, leash to her life crashing chain reactor and her death at a issue age.\nThe color blue is a metaphor on how she sees the drugs feeler back in...'

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