Friday, November 11, 2016

Business Visitation - TAL Group

Learning Content\nOn 6 February, we paid a visit to TAL Group in Tsim Sha Tsui. The visit complemented the course short as expected. It is a approximate chance for our student to agnize ground fill outledge forbiddenside the frameroom and books. Before the visit, we imbibe examine a topic get on TAL in class briefly, so we got several(prenominal) stress information thereof. TAL Group is a successful firm and the case in point to bedeck gaining comparative advantages and larger grocery share by their value-added process, away from their sizeable supply scope management. They offered us a expectant opportunity to know more than about why the companionship pile stand out above the same mountain or industry. Providing forward-looking and promiscuous garment is the main heading of the company. They offer clothes not only live up to fashion but besides easy to care. Their wrinkle disengage technology and moisture wicking body of rules bring high graphic symbo l garment which croup celebrate us ironing time.\n head start of all, the re commitatives from the TAL Group introduce the flat coat information of the company and its commercialised practices to make us know more about the company. During the present and the visiting, we rump ask questions and the representatives lead answer our questions. In the present, the talker presented seller Managed Inventory (VMI) and make to Measure (MTM) system. These are the theories we have learnt from the lecture and also the visit. Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) system, is a jet commercial practices nowadays. After the visiting, we can better understand how the system is operated and what the company earns in this system, for example, they can maintain a good relationship between customers such as J.C. Penny by using this technology. Besides, they showed us some new technologies to impress us, such as the SOFTAL process and WOR-Nano technology, which can improve the quality of their products . On the other hand, they provide these innovative technologies can also gain their competitive advant...

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