Monday, February 3, 2014


The Westwood Children Imagine you argon a small child, with all the wonders in the world. One beautiful day, you decide to join your two brothers in an exterior adventure. Frolicking and playful children having the time of your lives, you notice a electron orbit of flowers just calling your names. With much excitement you fleet over and start picking the most beautiful of the bunch. ahead the looseness is almost lost, you and your brothers take your findings inside to perhaps clutch as a trophy or reminder of the day. In the picture the Westwood Children, 1807, Joshua Johnson has captured a moment of innocence and comradery with his go for of hushed colors, portrayal of figures, and unified use of space. This wonderful paint of well-disposed love app arntly takes place inside the boys home. The three boys ar all dressed in the same green conk suit. Accompanying the children is a black dog which appears to be the childrens best friend. Although the pai nting is set inside, it can be meet that the children and the dog just returned from acting outside. Everyone has items in their hand that intelligibly came from the outdoors. The two little boys have flowers in their hand charming spell the oldest has a whole basket full. There friend, the dog, was playing outside with them because he caught a bird which he displays in his mouth. part the three boys argon all lined up adjacent to one another, the oldest has his arm stretched around the backs of the young ones which atomic number 18 place hands. One cant help just get in the incuring like a close bind among brothers. The muted color Johnson uses certainly gives a homey opinion of the brothers life in the 1800s. The background, while noticed, doesnt take out-of-door from the focal point of the painting because it is a dull brown and bluing covering the inside of the boys home. Along the back besiege is part of a window which shows a beautiful bla sphemous sky the boys just returned from pla! ying under. The color of the clothes the boys are wearing is dark green with...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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