Saturday, February 1, 2014

Comparing Socrates To Dr.martin Luther King

Running Head : COMPARING SOCRATES TO DR . KINGComparing Socrates to Dr . Martin Luther poove , JrComparing Socrates to Dr . Martin Luther King , JrTwo workforce argon separated by two and a half(prenominal) millennia . yet , these two Socrates and Dr . Martin Luther King , Jr . could not be obscured by such(prenominal) a considerable span of time fill up with the unfolding of great events and the development of lofty ideals . Their deeds and accomplishments be timeless . As such , to compare their views on square(p) narrow and the difference on the just and the unjust or rightness itself , would offer striking revelations . Socrates view on sympathetic contract is best illustrated in his refusal to escape from prison and stay his punishment as meted by the laws of the city of A sos . He argues that since he , as a citi zen of the city , has let ined its laws therefore he must be ready and willing to have got whatever punishment it would inflict upon him . That would simply be fulfilling his serving of the agreement or contract . Socrates further reasoned that significantly , this relationship between citizens and the laws of the city are not coerced (Social vex down Theory , 2006 . He however dismissed the whimsy that affectionate contract is the source of justice by theorizing that justice is not merely the acceptance and obedience to a circuit of laws . Dr . Martin Luther King , Jr . on the other hand , goes beyond the views presented by Socrates . He offers a challenge to the traditional concepts of the social contract by...If you trust to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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