Saturday, January 25, 2014

Trench Warfare

Trench Warfare In World War One, on that point were umteen new ways of fighting the state of war. When we fin completelyy got into the war, we aphorism for the prototypal time what the Germans and the French were using to fight their battle. turn up of all the new weapons, such as, the motorcar gun, antiaircraft guns, toxicant gas, tanks and the occasion of airplanes, the most significant weapon we saw was the work of infringe warfare. These trenches were made up of three course of instructions of trenches at various lengths a location from each opposite. At the essentially back of the fighting polish, was where the hired gun fire was kept. In the artillery fire wrangle, was were they would shoot at the bm concerns before an animal foot would rush the drive inception. The row furthest row of actual trenches back from the reckon line was the maintain trench. In this set aside trench, was where they had dugouts carved out of the foulness underneath the trench itself. In these dugouts was where the man would go to moderation from fighting on the campaign lines. This is where the manpower would go to communication to their captains to see what they were going to do. The men were able to get from atomic number 53 row of trenches to the other was through the communication trenches. The trenches connected the movement lines to the reserve in the back. The second rows of trenches were the clog trenches. These support trenches would serve the front lines if they were under heavy fire from the other side. The support trenches were a very dramatic and important part of the trench war fare strategy they would make sure that the front lines were unendingly okay and they would help them to fight off the other side if they were being attacked. The very first row of trenches was called the front line trench. This trench saw the most action in the war. In this trench were things called saps. These saps were shallower trenches in no m ans land. They were used to allow access for! the men who man the machine guns and those who would throw grenades. These saps were also used as poster posts so the men in...If you want to get a undecomposed essay, stray it on our website:

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