Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Thermocouple Lab

NC STATE UNIVERSITY Mechanical Engineering Systems MES 305 Dr. Bill Fortney Temperature Measurements using Thermocouples respectable phase of the moon report format Laine Johnson Aaron Burge Lab complete June 20, 2011 Introduction The purpose of this research laboratory was to evidence the amount of liquid temperatures using thermocouple junctions, the most common rule of touchstone and controlling temperatures. We watched a pre-lab video that explained the definition of a thermocouple (a junction surrounded by 2 dissimilar metals). thus the video introduced the Seebek effect, the Peltier effect, the Thomas effect and the Law of negotiate Temperatures. During the lab we single-valued functiond thermocouples to demonstrate each of these effect and the Law of negotiate Temperatures. Thermocouples are suitable for measuring over a big temperature range, up to 2300?. They are not suited for instruments that need passing precise and accura te measurements. As an Engineer you must be able to work with and understand the applications of thermocouples. Here is a reel of applications that are well suited for the use of thermocouples: kilns, drift turbine exhaust, diesel motor motor engines and many gas-fed heating appliances (ovens and water heaters that make use of a pilot flame to ignite the main gas burner). germane(predicate) Theory When working with thermocouples you will need to know the 3 effects and the laws pertaining to the thermocouple. 1) The Seebek effect showed that a thermocouple produced a potential drop dominance (or emf), measured in millivolts, in the wire which in morsel caused a temperature difference.
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There is a reproducible alliance between the emf and the temperatures (T1 and T2). Seebek effect ?AB = [?emf?T]opencircuit equivalence #1 Where A and B refer to the two materials that even up the thermocouple. emf is the voltage potential T...If you indigence to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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