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I am Achilles, Son of Peleus, former queer of the Myrmidons and Thetis the naval Goddess Daughter of Nereus the Sea God. When I was born my mother valued to agnize me immortal so she heald me by my ankle and plunk me into the Styx River. My beauty was second only to Paris. Paris son of pouf Priam of Troy and Queen Hecuba Because my father did not agree with my use he left my mother and she sent me to Be clever by Chiron the centaur to be a mighty warrior. My helmet and armor was do by the Gods to keep me safe. I fight with King Agamemnon and with the Greeks against the Trojans in the ten year war, The war began when Paris took Helen from Menelaus (Agamemnons brother). This arouse them and they came in search of revenge. My I am young, strong, fast, and beautiful and I am Greatest Warrior in the World! There is no man who can defeat me in strife. I snag won many an(prenominal) battles and earn my spoils of War. And my favorite is Briseis. She is the Love of my liveness I support Greek war effort and I am a loyal worrier, Until I was deceived by Agamemnon when he took the fille of a Preist. And angered the Gods to curse. Now challenged me to bow nap to him as leader. I would not, so took My Briseis, to replace his lost Chryseis. My Briseis, The cleaning woman I Love I was distraught and anguished. This anguish and enchant in front of my men, I withdrew from all battles. In doing so, I vacate abandon my obligation to community and King. Since I withdrew, the Greeks had taken many casualties so I let my best athletic supporter Patroclus t borrow my armor to fake the Trojans into fleeing a battle. save boss around was cruel. My friend Patroclus, was taken from me. Hector sight him in battle believing he was me. Hector corrupt Patroclus carcass terribly. This angry so terribly I resumed fighting. forth for revenge give away for blood, the blood of Hector I did in fact kill Hector, and I defiled his body a s he did my friend Patroclus. But this did ! not make me fell better. The...If you want to get a full essay, dress it on our website:

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