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Western History

Running Head : Causes of the eldest World warfareNameCourseUniversityTutorDateThe world has submit to serious warfare in a number of coerce . One of the major warfare that involved almost in all countries in the world occurred amidst 1914 and 1918 .I t is commonly referred to as the First World War . It was the first war whose individualized effects were felt all over the world .The war was mingled with cardinal opposing sides ,the allies which included such countries as Britain France among some others time on the other side Germany broadcast the so called dual alliance with Italy and Austria in her side (Kishlansky et al 1996The killing Austria s prince Ferdinand was the plosive when the betroth where the war started . The Serbs who were part of the Austria curtailled Balkans location treasured to gull an ind ependent state , the adage the character assassination of a comp adeptnt of the royal family as something that will grow a point to the authorities and grant them independence . after this assassination which was carried egress by the Serbs , Austria put very operose demands on Serbia . The other countries that cherished a part of this domain Turkey and Russia saw this as an opportune moment to lead their course . Russia back up Serbia in this diplomatic encroach that later turned bulge to be the lineage of the First World War . Countries had entered into treaties declare to help one some other or not take sides in the battle . When Russia started mobilizing her phalanx this move was seen as an morsel of war further increase the tension among the nations (Kishlansky et al 1996During the perish years of the 19th centuries Europeans powers were competing for Africa . each other country wanted to take those countries that were endowed with resources or seemed strateg ically placed . This was winning place betw! een the early on 1890s and at the beginning of the world war in 1914 . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
these nations wanted to have pull strings over many colonies in Africa . There are several(prenominal) conflicts that arose during this process , for example over the control of Egypt and Morocco German had a conflict with France and Britain . This conflict escalated and as the war ended Germany upset most of her colonies in AfricaA strife had arose between France and Germany over the regions of Alsace and Lorrainne .Germany had seized these region from France after the Franco Prussian conflict .France was not happy with this ,she wanted her la nd back . afterward the war between these countries where France was discomfited , the suspicion heightened leading to the ii countries stepping up their defenses in education of any eventuality . They increase their soldiers and a weapon in preparation for the war .This was a build up and lead to the First World War (Kishlansky et al 1996The conflict between turkey and Russia on one hand and turkey and Austria on the other hand heightened tensions in the whole of Europe .Ausrtia had the control of the Balkan area but turkey and Russia wanted to...If you want to raise a full essay, set it on our website:

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