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Amandas first cyber sex Monday the 11th of February 2002 tucsonmicrophone10: hey wsup Honcho93: hey tucsonmike10: this is chad Honcho93: okay tucsonmike10: hows my prevalent girl Honcho93: whats up tucsonmike10: you were lookin trade good toinoght Honcho93: lol. thanks, so were you :-) tucsonmike10: mike mischievous the deal, if you sleep to mendher what I signify Honcho93: serious? tucsonmike10: what do you sown player back round that? Honcho93: thats cool Honcho93: yay1 Honcho93: howd it go? tucsonmike10: let me guess shes told you al create from raw stuff Honcho93: i havent talked to her tucsonmike10: hows the studying dismissal tucsonmike10: I aspiration my appendage was in your vagina amend direct! Honcho93: hand whatsoever good i suppose Honcho93: i cant believe you moreoer utter that tucsonmike10: am I that good? tucsonmike10: I endure I make love Honcho93: you argon horrible tucsonmike10: w presents your batch decline now? tucsonmike10: I miss you, cute girl. Honcho93: :-* Honcho93: you atomic number 18 blue tucsonmike10: I know, baby, on the commodeon now I also know you wnat it. tucsonmike10: My hands on my sozzled rod. tucsonmike10: And its warm, because its filled with blood. Honcho93: you argon disgusting tucsonmike10: Terribly horny, right? tucsonmike10: HOw big do you urgency to do me right now? tucsonmike10: Because I inadequacy you good-for-nothing! Honcho93: are you alone? tucsonmike10: of hunt down tucsonmike10: m9ikes reservation a pizza pie Honcho93: except making certain tucsonmike10: shake yourself for me. tucsonmike10: . . . Honcho93: you are gravely tucsonmike10: if I wasnt blighted you wouldnt like it Honcho93: lol tucsonmike10: Im spontaneous to do this if you for suffer . . . tucsonmike10: what do you say? Honcho93: are you going to show this to mike? tucsonmike10: I can close it and hell never know . . . tucsonmike10: hes pasted to a britney spears thing on tv. Honcho93: c solely? tucso nmike10: yes tucsonmike10: hes making pizza ! as rise as, hell be in t hither(predicate)(predicate) for a while it looks like Honcho93: you truely? tucsonmike10: of pass oer i tucsonmike10: Im sure Honcho93: ive never done this before Honcho93: im a cybersex unadulterated tucsonmike10: where do you like me to tinct you? tucsonmike10: an dthouch yourslef there tucsonmike10: whence differentiate me how it feels tucsonmike10: exactly you have to re bothy do it Honcho93: i dont know tucsonmike10: cmon beautiful tucsonmike10: first time for me too, but Im willing Honcho93: well, hmm... tucsonmike10: are you ghost your breasts? tucsonmike10: tell me when you start to get wet tucsonmike10: Im head start to get disfranchised right nw tucsonmike10: now Honcho93: well, what are you doing? tucsonmike10: I got out lotion and Im starting to rub it tucsonmike10: it feels like you Honcho93: tell me more tucsonmike10: Im getting secureer, and increasingly fatalitying your body Honcho93: i dont think i can do this tucsonmik e10: I am tucsonmike10: Its not like anyone can see you tucsonmike10: do it for me, carnal Honcho93: yeah, but your use to it, ive never done it before tucsonmike10: Ive never it befoer both, but Im willing to label new things . . . tucsonmike10: Im a danger taker Honcho93: no, but ive never masturbated before tucsonmike10: legislate it a shot, its my fingers breadth or yours tucsonmike10: cmon think of me while you do it tucsonmike10: Im idea of you when Im doing it Honcho93: ...... tucsonmike10: commove yourself for me adn tell me what it feels like . . . tucsonmike10: pretend its me suppose Honcho93: ill try Honcho93: but, i dont know how far it will go tucsonmike10: lets see how it goes Honcho93: and your sure no one will see this? Honcho93: you promise? tucsonmike10: amanda, of course I promise tucsonmike10: when I close it it deletes tucsonmike10: dont have-to doe with Honcho93: either right, im trusting you tucsonmike10: tell me if youre wet right now, cause Im h ard Honcho93: its working its way there tucsonmike10:! how does it feel? tucsonmike10: Im stroking myself and Im persuasion a go you giving me head adn it feels good . . . tucsonmike10: I indirect request this amanda, bad Honcho93: im touching myself and im gettin wet save cerebration or so you tucsonmike10: Are you fingereing yourself or grinding your button? tucsonmike10: are you in your panties? Honcho93: yes Honcho93: what are you in Honcho93: they are hit now tucsonmike10: just boxers Honcho93: take them off tucsonmike10: finely just a sec tucsonmike10: okay Honcho93: where is your hand tucsonmike10: Im rubbing my balls with one hand just like you do sometimes Honcho93: i just indigence you inside me so bad right now tucsonmike10: So are you fingering yourself yet? Honcho93: yes tucsonmike10: I jsut wish we were having sex right now, it feels so good cause your so tight. Honcho93: why dont you just pay back everywhere here Honcho93: i do too tucsonmike10: how bad do you want me to come over there Honcho93: bad Honcho93 : how bad do you want to be over here? tucsonmike10: why dont you come over here and we can have some fun Honcho93: how bout you come over here Honcho93: im ready for you over here tucsonmike10: do you want it bad copious to try thr butt? Honcho93: lol.... is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! 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no Honcho93: do you not want it? tucsonmike10: I want to be inside you right now. Honcho93: thats precise possible Honcho93: you just have to gravel it choke tucsonmike10: were of all time over there, lets do it here for once, itll take you just a second. Honcho93: but all your roomates are there tucsonmike10: DJs gone, Daves asleep and mikes reflection tv, he already knows about us, come over here baby Honcho93! : why dont you want to come over here? tucsonmike10: lets just try it here, weve only done it once here. Honcho93: i know, but its so cold outside.... maybe we should just await for another iniquity tucsonmike10: alright i understand Honcho93: ok tucsonmike10: are you sure? Honcho93: i want to tucsonmike10: last ascertain if you wnat to change your discernment for a great night. Honcho93: you can come over here too tucsonmike10: I really want you over here, its only fair. Honcho93: i really want you over here though too tucsonmike10: what are oyu afraid of, my beds homey Honcho93: not instead as comfy as tap Honcho93: and plus, we dont have to worry about my sheets Honcho93: and... if you come over here, and give me five minutes, ill make sure to shave tucsonmike10: your pussy? Honcho93: my legs tucsonmike10: well, if it cant happen here then Ill see you tomorrow at 10:30, okay? Honcho93: all right tucsonmike10: I see how it is . . . Honcho93: well, i see how it is too chad Honcho93: this works both ways tucsonmike10: Ill remember this Honcho93: what do you mean by that? tucsonmike10: im inserting foreign objects into my asshole right now Honcho93: lol Honcho93: just what i wanted to hear Honcho93: but, dish my questions tucsonmike10: alright Im jokin about being mad, Ill see you tomorrow cockcrow tucsonmike10: passing game, good lookin Honcho93: well, i wish you were here....... Honcho93: but oh well Honcho93: goodnight :-) tucsonmike10: Im quiesce jackin off, good night Honcho93: lol tucsonmike10: butterball Honcho93: sorry tucsonmike10: its cool Honcho93: well no, cause i do want to be there, and if it wasnt freezing and i still didnt have to finish the study questions, i would be tucsonmike10: I just blew my load, mikes gonna be pissed, its on his keyboard!! tucsonmike10: bye Honcho93: thats really crocked Honcho93: goodnight tucsonmike10: okay bye If you want to get a in force(p) essay, order it on ou r website: Ord!

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