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Les Miserables

Les Miserables After reading Les Miserables, it is with stunned a doubt that in that respect argon bity reoccurring themes of biographical outlines for qualitys. Along with that, there is the brass of pardon, courage, and sacrifice. These are only a few of the main themes Hugo wanted to descriptor up in Les Miserables. Uses theme of forgiveness¦¦¦. superior Hugos tail end was to write a historical impertinent. This is express by dint of the management the novel is affected by the cut Revolution. Forgiveness, a insistent theme in many novels took give in the graduation exercise of Les Miserables when the bishop M. Myriel forgave blue jean Valjean for stealing his silver, so that he could have another(prenominal) chance at life. Secondly, sacrifice is shown by Jean Valjean in many events through out the novel, tho the most impress is when he saves his taken-in misss lovers life. This is surprising because he feared of losing Cosette, his daughter to her lo ver. Lastly, courage is shown by Valjean when most others wouldnt care to serve up or assist. For example when a man gets stuck on a leash on pate of a ship, Valjean is the only full-pageness to help him and likewise turns out to help in his own escape.         In Les Miserables you dope tardily identify the authors t ace. Through the mentions, Jean Valjean and Fantine you can see Victor Hugos criticism of society. He blames society for the continuation of Fantines dilemmas. For example, even though selling ones hair and teeth and beseeming a maltreat are repulsive actions, society is a willing buyer. A main theme, the French Revolution showed Hugos governmental interest and beliefs. some other point the author move to make across was the calamity of the French criminal jurist system. In Jean Valjeans consequence there is greater wickedness in the penalty than in the crime. In the first fraction of the novel, Hugo questions reform. Valjeans nineteen geezerhood in prison house only d! o him to a greater extent dangerous than in the setoff he was get in. However, Hugo showed that there can be replenishment through forgiveness when Myriel gave Valjean a second chance. The authors diction is of proto(prenominal) English from the 1800s. The syntax is also of English from the 1800s, where the sentence bodily structure is composed.         The point of the moot in Les Miserables is third individual omniscient. third gear person omniscient means we know the actions and emotions of either character check to the narrator. The narrators way of displaying the new, developed character of Valjean without directly verbalise the lecturer was a great way to make the reader cognisant of the main characters changing personality. This specific eithery happened when Valjean entered Montfermeil-sur-mer as Madeleine. A shame of the narrator was when he didnt describe certain points of the novel enough. For example, when one of Valjeans numerous esca pes from prison occurred. Valjean tried to save a man and at the aforesaid(prenominal) time escape, the narrator cursorily and briefly went through this situation.                  If the point of view for the novel specifically came from Cosette, it would be much specific on her hardships and Miserables. In the novel, you would likely see Valjean as more of a father exercise than and a booster to degree.         Conflict is a part of or so every character in Les Miserables. In the main character Jean Valjean, there is both an sexual and foreign combat and with more then 1 in some cases. In the beginning of the novel, Valjeans internal troth is showed to himself when he takes a infinitesimal boys money. is a professiona   l essay writing service at which you can buy essays o!   n any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Valjean well-nigh suddenly saw the wickedness of his actions and what nineteen years of prison had done to him. This event is the coming of his internal counterpoint and is speedily resolute when he reaches Montfermeil-sur-mer, where he changes his whole life musical mode by bringing prosperity and helping others. He uses his one-time(a) friend, Myriels forgiveness as a reminder to him. That whole internal conflict is what spurred Jean Valjean to change his ways and therefore changing all his actions, which affect the novel overall. A particular external conflict, which Valjean encountered was a police officer name Javert. Javert having known Valjean since the galleys was one whole disliked him very much. Valjean had taken another personal identity operator in Montfermeil. Javert had become suspicious of this new face and this is when Valjean had acquired a closer enemy. Fro m this point, Javert has a major affect on the novel, by causing Valjean to escape and having to stay hidden. This external conflict reaches its shutdown when Valjean has a legible prospect to kill Javert, because he is deplume of being a traitor. However, Valjean lets him free. Soon after, Javert has a complete hazard to take Valjean in custody, but lets him free. This conflict is fixed when Javert drowns himself the equal night. Cosette, another major character in Les Miserables experiences an internal conflict. heartbreaking the end of the novel, she is broken in between choosing her love or her father. She must decide to leave with Valjean or stay with her lover, Marius. The windup is reached when Valjean saves Mariuss life, knowing that he might lose Cosette forever. The situation is resolved when Cosettes and Marius are married. If you want to get a full essay, golf-club it on our website:

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