Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gender Studies

Life favors men. Women ar the ones that get pregnant wind up mutating their bodies for life. Women have to go through their menstrual cycle which is a miserable rollercoaster of emotions and discomfort that comes every month. To add onto all of the things previously stated, society created that women also have to manifestation perfect, by adult male skinny in time curvaceous, by being bacchanalian yet innocent. Also, women have to do everything in their power to jibe a mans happiness, by cooking and cleaning and taking alimony of the children. Womens Brains, by Stephen Jay Gould explains that women be smaller, making their brains smaller, making them as trendying as a child. Women are only smart well(p) to teach their children how to read and write, any charr smarter than that is as out of involution as finding a two headed gorilla. Society has been stereotyping women as the weaker gender since Medieval times. Women are all expected to be what society label s perfect. This perfect includes a beautiful face, big disparager and hips and a tiny waistline. When young girls see people in advertisements that behavior that way, Jean Kilbourne, creator of Killing Us thinly III, explains that they try to mimic the look of these models who have been digitally develop and are genetically skinny.
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She claims that if there wasnt this pressure on young girls to look a certain way, there would be less eating disorders and girls would be more confident close to how they look. The media doesnt care that thousands of girls are killing themselves to become a body type that rarely e xists, the media just wants to sell their ! devour by using someone that society sees as aphrodisiacal to sell it. Kilbourne also talks about how women in advertisements are seen as objects. She talked about a specific ad for skateboards where the cleaning lady is on all fours and the man is using her as a leg rest. Women are seen as sexual objects used to direct a mans every desire and nothing more. They need to look sexy because sex sells. Wives are...If you want to get a full phase of the moon essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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