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Jose Garcia Ms. Nevius Period 3 English 1 1 may 2012 Nanotechnology in Medicine Nanotechnology in the field of medicine offers umteen evoke opportunities. It involves manufacturing nano-robots to go for repairs at a cellular level. (Nanotechnology in malignant neoplastic disease Treatment) Many techniques that were only imagined in the past be do an astounding progress towards fit true realities. Nanotechnology could revolutionize the counseling doctors detect, cope, and deliver medicine to cancer. Bodies make antibodies that stick to proteins. It does that because those proteins are perceptible on different types of hemipterons. for each one antibody helps bodies find and attack germs. Scientists hit developed a bureau to find these germs much high-speed than before. A doctor merely takes a sample of smear and adds nanoparticles which stick to the let outside of the germ with the antibodies. Then, the doctor puts a magnet over the nano-particles which ta ke out the nano-particles and the germs. This method helps doctors detect diseases and treat them much faster. (Nanotechnology in Medicine) Nanotechnology is macrocosm used to treat cancer. Nanoparticles are being use to fair game brain cancer. The past 4 5 years has seen a revolution in surgical practice thanks to nanotechnology.( Nanotechnology in Medicine and the Biosciences 1. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
2) These particles can be used to track and realize tumors. Treating brain tumors is very uncontrollable due to the blood-brain barrier that prevents bad substances from traveling finished the bloodstream into the brain. ( FutureMed ica) Delivering medicine to the tumor is fa! irish as complicated. Researchers that handle these nanoparticles familiarise a dose thats called photofrin along with iron oxide into the nanoparticles. afterward the drug has been drawn through the blood stream a special type of optical maser activates the drug and so the drug attacks the tumor. (Nanotechnology in Medicine.) Nanotechnologys kernel on drug spoken language is on exploitation nanoscale particles or molecules to...If you want to get a full essay, lay out it on our website:

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