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1 ) Augustine Freud meet opposing views of homophile varietykind nature , soon rich they both(prenominal) defend civilisation . WhyThe views of Augustine and Freud on kind-heartedkind nature differs widely from each opposite as they saw and tidy sumvas it from a different perspective . Even if this is so , they had both argued in their belles-lettres that they were in favor of politeness , and these conclusions had been arrived at and deduced from their c arful studies of hu soldiery natureTo begin with , Augustine was a Christian , which substance that his views were solely rooted on his faith . Being a salutary believer of deity , he sees that the rock-steadyness of human macrocosms , apart from that of animals because of our energy for reason and rationality , rump be achieved in all-inclusive nevertheless by the the fill in of perfection . He had said that it was only through this deard of God that worldly concern can be truly good , and that they are otherwise headed to macrocosm wicked . Augustine deals that through this love , humans had ceased to operate war with each other and prevented people from cleanup pip even in the state of war . It is this love that forges a community s bond , and thus , civilization in world-wide is rooted on this that God is the common good for each(prenominal) , and without him human beings are only absorbed with their power and overcharge . therefrom civilization can only be embossed in proficient and properly with the love of God , as love is the groovy model of God s own societyOn the other make pull back , Freud studied the psychological aspects of the human mind and his views are kind of more scientific . From his writings he had expressed that the human beings have this undeniable aggressiveness within them that was due to their being an animal . This he had expla! ined , apart from the sexual urges of man , is what makes it emergency for humans to wage war between one other , that it willing always find an outlet into which this aggressiveness can be expressed He had explained that this rattling instinct of man was the reason why civilization was plagued with disintegration , it being the book of facts of quarrels between groups and nations . Although this is so , Freud defended civilization by saying that the attempts of civilization to remedy this urge is non in vain , as it had its results . He said that civilized society had imposed rules and laws that would end hands to comit this agreesiveness to one another , and this had made it possible for nations to come through peacefullyThose were the reasons that both Freud and Augustine defended civilization as vital , although their reasons come from super opposite poles2 ) Imagine that Dostoevsky is Freud s patient . Write a discourse about Alexei s love and sufferingFreud : Yo u are the tutor to the General . What is it that you feel for his step-daughter PolinaAlexei : I feel only love for her . I would do everything and anything for her if only she d permit me to . Only , I fag t strong think that she feels the sameFreud : And why did you think of that ? Is it because of something she said to youAlexei : No , that s not it . I think she likes someone better . She knows this certain Mr . Astley . I think she prefers him , she likes him more and thus my love will be in vainFreud : What made you think she likes this personAlexei : Compared to me , he s better blue . I m just a tutor , I sire t have much money . Perhaps if I am richer and a member of the aristocracy she would favor meFreud : I do think your conclusions are valid , because people normally liking that .

But how do you go about achieving thatAlexei : I sign down the roulette wheel . In that way , I could net big amounts of cash . Although it is true that I have confounded big amounts of money , I could reclaim it and make large amounts . I love Polina and I m proving it to herFreud : That is not unaccompanied true . I suggest you stop playing , as playing period can become an obssession and this will not be good . You may lose bigger amounts of moneyAlexei : No . I cannot . This is my only chance of being an insider Through this I can be accceptedFreud : It may become an obssession and cause more sufferingAlexei : It is not vent to be an obssession . I will succeed your advice I will play only a a couple of(prenominal) more propagation and welcome my money backFreud : So be it . If that is what you desire nigh , follow it3 ) What wou ld Plato say to ShakespearePlato being a philosopher , he would closely probably address the philosophical aspects of Shakespeare that he had expressed in his full treatment He would more or less definitely comment on Shakespeare s views on love and his emotions , although Plato may look at it from a scholar s agitate of view analyzing and studying himPlato would also most probably call up Shakespeare s poems and sonnets as Plato himself was immersed in the arts . He would perhaps liken it with the works of the poets he had known in life , generally greeks and romans , and find that they are indeed works of art . Shakespeare s works being a set of very powerful writings , they may influence even Plato s thought and make him think moreWorks CitedChristian Classics Ethereal Libray . St . Augustin s City of God and Christian Doctrine16 February 2008 .Dostoevsky , Fyodor . The Gambler 16 February 2008 Freud , Sigmund . Civilization and Its Disconents 16 February 2008 Shak espeare , William . praise 29 16 February 2008 Sh! akespeare , William . Sonnet 130 16 February 2008...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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