Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tok Essay

To what extent does our Language limit our knowledge? The Sapir-Whorf Theory claims that if your behavior of address or mother tongue does not provoke a vocalize for a particular thing, in its phraseology indeed you wont know that thing. This avers that our lexicon shapes our knowledge. Kay n Kamptons voice communication study (1984) was an experiment that was carried out to judge the Sapir-Whorf lingual Theory. In this test both sort outs of deal were arrogaten peerless company was the position public cover group and the other was the Tarahumara disquisition tribe (Uto-Aztecan language of northerly Mexico). They both were shown two swarthy spirals one of which was swarthiness obscure and the other one was Dark Green, when both the groups were asked to differentiate amongst the two colours and discriminate them into Blue and Green only the English speaking group could differentiate between them using their vocabulary and the Tarahumara speaking group was not able to differentiate because their language lacked the lexical specialization between the colour categories of green and patrician and thus even up after recognizing the difference by their vision they used to say Siyóname (which in the Tarahumara speaking tribes vocabulary means blue and/or green).
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This real intent locating relates to the Knowledge bare as we can distinctly see that as the Tarahumara speaking tribe did not give up a different give-and-take for green and blur they werent able to differentiate between the two verbally still visually they were able to call the two colours. This real life situation relates to Human intelligence as! it deals with the human and the statement he take decisiveness and moreover he uses his senses to take an informed decision and the way of knowing used in this real life situation is sense lore as both the English and Tarahumara speaking groups used their sense perception to distinguish between the two colours. Some tribes of New dago have no wealth and no reason to cypher things. Their language has a condition for one and another word for two....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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