Thursday, September 5, 2013

Discuss The Ways In Which Mesopotamian And Egyptian Culture Influenced The Writing Of The Old Testament

Mesopotamian and Egyptian Culture on the Creation of the Old giveThe mountain has been more or less for so many years now , that s why most flock think that it is the most comprehensive mark book on ancient history . For both(prenominal) , it is even the footing for the cosmos of other scriptures of other religion , as advantageously as the creation of other religions . However , record shows that in that respect atomic number 18 almost essential details that is the same in the Bible , the Old will with the books of other shade . This meat that there argon some signifi buttt move of the holy book that might sacrifice been patterned with the writings in other religions or lasts . This means that no military issue how old the Bible is , its creation has been influenced by other culture s and other religion s writi ngsThe extensive of GilgameshGilgamesh , the Sumerian King from the urban center of Uruk who lived and ruled around 2500 years B .C . There are no concrete relations of relating the account on Gilgamesh with sympathetic history , other than that it was passed through word of m push throughh some 3 ,700 years ago - around 2100 B .C . as a divorce of the oldest works of literature that man knows of which is The grand of Gilgamesh . As compared to the part of the Book of Exodus wherein Moses liberates the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt , it would be around 1300-1200 B .C . if ever it actually existed . and with these dates , that would make the stories of the Epic of Gilgamesh be around 800-900 years older than that of the Old Testament s Book of Exodus . This is to design upon the facts of which of them comes original , so that it is easier to sort which of them adopts the ideas of whomGilgamesh seemed to fork over encountered a great inundate as well up , in The Epics of Gilgamesh . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It was when Utanapishtim confided to Gilgamesh about an old city where the gods might live . It has been moved by the Greater graven images so that they can flowage out the whole region to toss the evil-doers . This is a lot like the Great Flood which was inflicted by God in to punish the human race . There were besides groups of people who were spared , those who were given a warning before the penalty was actually inflicted . They were carefully instructed on what ways they will be spared and what they have to do for that matter . Noah was to build an ark with specific dimensions and materials , as for Gilgamesh he was instructed to tear down a hou se and build a large boat with a roof . The similarities are straightforward . They were both instructed to load up their boats with all sensual breeding forms that they can findGilgamesh is considered to be the Babylonian Noah who has lived his purpose and took part in purging the world of sinful elements . The great flood will end all lives on earth , and the only topic that would save...If you want to get a full essay, coif it on our website:

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